Is your wedding dress in your closet, basement, or storage area collecting dust? Have you ever wondered, “what will I ever do with this?” We have an excellent idea! Donate your wedding dress to Ben’s Wish Foundation, Inc. and benefit families of babies who have passed.

We will use donated wedding dresses to hand make extra special blankets and/or pillows for babies that have passed in the NICU or PICU units of local hospitals. These blankets are used for final photographs and burial purposes. Some babies are too small and fragile to be manipulated into an outfit, even preemie size, so these blankets and/or pillows will help preserve lasting memories for these families in this horrific time.

We hope that knowing your dress will be put to such an amazing cause will convince you to donate!

Please contact us at to donate now! We will arrange a time and place for you to drop off your dress.

Send your dress in the smallest cardboard box you can find to fit it. Send Priority Mail or cheapest way the post office will allow you to ship. Surprisingly, my dress (see below) only weighed 8 pounds with the train! It only cost $11.40 to mail it. Worth every penny! The average cost to ship a dress should be anywhere from $10-$20. Email us with any questions you may have.